Ivan Seidenberg's Leadership at Verizon Essay

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Background Ivan Seidenberg has been in a key leadership role at Verizon since 2000 (Anonymous, 2011). While in his leadership role, Ivan Seidenberg has led Verizon into a global network and Verizon has built out their network into a nationwide industry (Anonymous, 2011). Ivan Seidenberg is sixty three years old and has a bachelor’s degree in math and a master’s degree in business administration (Anonymous, 2011). Prior to working with Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg was a chairman and chief executive officer of NYNEX and Bell Atlantic (“2010 Fortune 500”, n.d.). Ivan Seidenberg created Verizon by combining Bell, NYNEX, GTE, and MCI. He also created Verizon Wireless by combining Bell Atlantic, GTE, and Vodafone Air Touch (Anonymous,…show more content…
DiversityInc began their list in 2001. The review of diverse companies is subjective and only applies to those companies that participate in their survey. Verizon has attempted to distinguish themselves from other companies by being an inclusive company that supports their employees, and expects tolerance of differences. Verizon’s successful culture and business model is attributed to the top down leadership style that Ivan Seidenberg has enforced at the organization. Philosophy Ivan Seidenberg has created an organizational philosophy of; what we do makes a difference (“Corporate responsibility”, n.d.). Ivan Seidenberg believes his organization should use technical, financial, and intellectual resources to make a difference in communities (“Corporate responsibility”, n.d.). The current organizational philosophy is to expand their accessibility, and deploy faster and better broadband connectivity in our communities. Ivan Seidenberg has created a philosophy at Verizon that technology and innovation will transform communities, and even individuals (“Corporate responsibility”, n.d.). Strategies The strategy that Verizon has used is very simple and basic. They believe that investing will create opportunity. Investing not only in capital product, broadband, and secure fiber, but also investing in the employees. Verizon has a diverse employee base, low turnover, and excellent
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