Ivan The Terrible Research Paper

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Ivan, the Czar of Russia was truly terrible. He killed innocent animals and killing thousands of people including his son. He hanged people, buried people alive, and beat up innocent people. Ivan also killed his own son which will mess up Russia for decades, creating a chain reaction of inexperienced Czars. Due to Ivan’s chaotic childhood, he has bestowed many acts of evil and left a terrible impact on russia.

Due to Ivan’s exposure of death and the Boyars mistreating him, his early life was terrible, filled with hatred, and was traumatized during his early childhood. When Ivan was little, the Boyars, which were the second ruling to the prince, never payed attention to Ivan when he was little. Ivan was given severe punishments. They wouldn’t
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When his wife, Anastasia died, he accused his close guards and advisors of poisoning her and he had them killed. After his wife's death, he created a group called oprichniki. They stole families homes and land for Ivan. As long as they stayed loyal to Ivan, they could kill and torture anyone they wanted to. People were scared and horrified of these ruthless men. Ivan then got the idea that leaders in a Russian city, Novgorod were being loyal to Ivan’s enemy, the king of Poland. Ivan had the Oprichniki raid the city and steal clothes and food and kill anyone in their way. They would throw people in icy cold rivers and they would freeze to death. He also burned the citizens alive. Just in a couple weeks, thousands of people died. Ivan was also in many wars and couldn’t afford the wars, so he taxed peasants but since they couldn’t afford it either they moved but Ivan made a law that peasants cannot move. Ivan got in an argument with his oldest son and hit him with his iron stick, he died days later. Throughout the years, Ivan has impaled bodies, boiled people alive and cut people’s tongues out. Daniel von Bruchau once said that Ivan “foamed at the mouth like a horse.” When Ivan killed his son who was supposed to take the throne, he created a chain reaction of inexperienced czars and later plunging Russia into “The Times of
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