Ivd 9-Cm Vs Icdm

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There are many differences between ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM: - amount of procedure codes. ICD-10-CM has 71,924 codes compare to 3,824 codes in ICD-9-CM. - amount of diagnosis codes. ICD-10-CM has 69,823 codes compare to 14,025 codes in ICD-9-CM. - structure of diagnosis codes. Codes in ICD-10-CM have 3-7 characters where character 1 is alpha, and character 2 is numeric. On other side, there are 3-5 characters in ICD-9-CM where character 1 is numeric or alpha. - structure of procedure codes. Codes in ICD-10-PCS have 7 characters where each of them can be either alpha or numeric. Compare to ICD-9-CM, there are 3-4 characters where all characters are numeric. - specificity. ICD-10-CM codes are more specific due to identification of anatomic
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