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We have all seen the famous photograph; four Marines and one Navy Sailor raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima. This lasting image has come to represent the Marine Corps, the Pacific campaign, and for many World War II. Eventually becoming the inspiration for the Iwo Jima memorial outside Arlington cemetery overlooking Washington D.C. Geography has left it marks all over the battle for Iwo Jima, influencing everything from the strategic impact on the region to the propaganda and psychological warfare. Military geography was an important factor in the planning of the operation like most and also had a direct effect during operations. To understand the battle we must first understand the state of the Pacific conflict at…show more content…
(Morison, 2002) Being able to establish bomber in the Marianas allow the US to begin Operation Scavenger conducting bombing runs on mainland Japan. (Morison, 2002) The start of these mission greatly increased the strategic value of Iwo Jima as it served as the early detection position for the mainland Japan air defense system radioing any approaching US bombers. These early warnings and the amassing of near 21,000 men to bolsters Japan inner line of defense made Iwo Jima a must have the planners by February 1944. (Morison, 2002) Before the planners could develop an amphibious assault they had to understand the island of Iwo Jima. The island of Iwo Jima is located in the volcanic islands locate 750 miles south of mainland Japan. The island is small covering an area of only 21km2 consisting of a combination of volcanic rock and limestone. (GSI of Japan, 2015) The topography of the island is unique to many others in the area, it has Mt. Suribachi a volcanic vent dominating the southern portion of the island reaching the islands highest point of elevation at 582ft. (GSI of Japan, 2015) The remained of the island is extremely flat and lacks features which allowed the construction of two airfields on the island. The island continues be raised from volcanic uplift, this uplift beaches
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