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Realism versus Pop Art In this life, there are many forms of art or art “movements” to speak of. How we interpret art is a very subjective thing. What a person sees and feels when looking at art greatly depends on their upbringing, their values, and even their mood at the time of viewing. Could something dark and lacking color be art? What about a comic strip in the newspaper or the billboard down the street? Again, interpretation and taste in art is individual. I elected to explore into the two art movements I like the least to potentially better understand them, and to potentially link them together. Realism was painted to depict real life situations. It was developed by artists to create an illustration of common people and…show more content…
Realism evoked feeling in its everyday life portrayal. Pop Art is unemotional. Although Pop art was originally stated to come from the revolt to Abstract Expressionism, and a jump off of Dadaism, my thoughts are that the similarities between Pop Art and Realism as extensive. They are related in the fact that they both are based on everyday life scenes. While Realism delved into everyday society, Pop Art did the same with the everyday mass media market. Realism was a jump from Romanticism- a fight of the unnatural belief that everything must be romanticized. Pop art was a jump from Abstract Expressionism- a fight of the unnatural belief that everything should spark emotional thought. Pop artists in Germany are referred to as Capitalist Realism artists and, in France, the Pop Art movement is called Nouveau Realisme, directly translated as New Realism. The very famous Mona Lisa was great inspiration for many other art pieces, but none as famous as itself except for Andy Warhol’s silkscreens of the Mona Lisa. It is said that he was so consumed by the famousness and celebrity that the painting created that he became obsessed with it for the rest of his life. His creation of his own Mona Lisa pieces, as well as his Jackie series and his Marilyn series and all the series that Warhol created of the many

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