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The Renaissance period was from roughly the 14th century to the 17th century of the common era (CE) beginning in Italy later spreading throughout Europe. The word Renaissance comes from the original Italian word "Rinascimento" or "rinascere" which means "to be reborn" according to Harper (2012).
The influence of the Renaissance movement can be observed in art, music, science, religion, politics, philosophy, literature, as well as other areas of intellectual inquiry. The Renaissance brought about a way of thinking focused on the bettering the person and having a well rounded and educated person in all
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Another characteristic of this period is the lack of distinct or realistic perspective in renderings. Michelangelo was one of the first artist who pioneered the Mannerism at the Laurentian Library in Florence Italy according to Britannica (2012). One such painting that employed the Mannerism characteristics such as eroticism and obscure imagery is the "Madonna with the Long Neck" painted by Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola, also known as Parmigianino (Artble, 2012). In 1520 the humanistic model of the classical Renaissance such as the serenity, beauty, and order began to break down as a negative world view began to emerge due to machinations and wars of Spain, France, and the Holy Roman Empire. (Ozarks, 2012)
Both paintings represent the Madonna (the Virgin Mary) with the baby Jesus on her lap. In the previous painting, the arch vault and throne on which the mother is seated is stylized very realistically along with the saints surrounding them are all in proportion to themselves and to each other. In the later painting the pose of the Madonna is elongated and exaggerated, the baby in the later painting is quite large and the angels in the picture are crammed to one side with a "prophet" on the opposite which is very small not coming up to the Madonna's knee.
Mannerist artists in

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