Izac Alternate Ending

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"You've never seen a woman naked?!?" A woman's voice cried out, the voice slightly slurred as the woman was a little drunk. "H-hey! I didn't say that Kristy... I just haven't been in the same room" Izac rushed to defend himself, it was another night out with a few of his friends, all of which happened to be woman.

Izac had a very feminine figure for a guy and was often mistaken for a woman not that he cared much what people thought of him. Most of his friends were female as he tended to get along with them easier and they seemed relaxed around him.

"Strip Club" Izac heard the words mentioned as he drifted back into the conversation "What...?" He asked as the three girls infront of him, Kristy, Sophie and Dawn, grinned to each other infront
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