J Alfred Prufrock Eulogy

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Name: J. Alfred Prufrock (but the hunies call me Jay)

I don’t have very much money and I over-analyze relationships. Don’t come too close because everything looks like sulfur mist and I’m talking to mermaids. I’ve accomplished plenty of things in my life, things that make me an interesting and appealing mate. I’m new to eharmony so please go easy on me, I haven’t had much incentive for love in a very long time. I’d be a good lover. We’d go to really sketchy bars and motels and do activities in those places. You’d be so into it. We’d go for longs walks in the dark while muggers duck in and out of the alleyways and gawk in admiration of our love. Please love me. I’m a very lonely man. Oysters may or may not be incorporated. Whoa, I just had
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