J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

I think that an "Inspector Calls" is about the discriminations between different classes and sexes, it conveys a lot of messages about these topics and uses An Inspector - a mysterious, curt individual who makes an unexpected call on an upper middle class, very opinionated family named the Birlings. The inspector seems to invade their own little world - upsetting a celebration of theirs, forcing them to realise the truth - they all contributed to the death of a young, working class girl with what should have been years ahead of her, instead these were snatched away by a greedy, insensitive and selfish chain of events, all down to the Birlings. The girls name was
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This should interest the viewer and help to involve them in the play, they should go away hopefully taking note of the plays main themes maybe the play taught them something they will remember and apply to their everyday life. This is what I think 'An Inspector Calls' should do to the viewer.

In my production I would have Mr. Birling as a portly, pompous but well experienced man in his late fifties with a large, greying moustache, a balding scalp and a few strands of hair trying to disguise this fact. He should look as though he knows a great deal about business and how to achieve targets which gain him wealth and respect. He should be dressed in a smart, hand tailored black tuxedo illustrating the type of character he is - slightly self obsessed with a deep love of co-ordination and organisation but with a slightly crafty, ruthless edge.

I believe that Sheila should be around twenty seven years of age and should be very co-operative and helpful, as she is with the Inspector. She should have a soft tone of voice, pale skin and deep dark very innocent looking eyes
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