J B Priestley's Creation of Tension in An Inspector Calls Essay

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J B Priestley's Creation of Tension in An Inspector Calls In this essay I will be explaining how J B Priestley creates tension for the audience of an inspector calls as each character gradually reveal their involvement with Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. The characters are forced to confess by the way that the inspector appears to know everything already for example when the inspector says "I think you remember Eva smith now don't you, Mr Birling" (act 1) he seems to have superior knowledge to the characters and this makes the characters feel that he knows everything already so they confess, an example of the inspector having superior knowledge is "the end of…show more content…
This play is full of dramatic irony for example in Mr Birlings speech, he speaks of the titanic being unsinkable and world war one not happening, as this play was written in 1945 the audience knew that the titanic had sank and world war one and world war two had happened. This portrays that the way of thinking in 1912 was that the world was improving and nothing would go wrong. Also in 1912 there was a male dominated hierarchal society so men were more in charge and women like Eva could be employed as cheap labour for business men an example of this is when Mr Birling says "there'll be peace and prosperity and rapid progress everywhere" this shows that there isn't peace and prosperity everywhere at this time for example women being used as cheap labour. The secrets that the family have kept from one another, over the period of time that the play is set, plays a big part in creating drama and tension. For example, when it is discovered that Mr Birling had sacked Eva Smith from her job, the rest of the family think that she was unfairly sacked by Mr birling, this is shown when Eric says "why shouldn't they try for higher wages…...why she should have been sacked……you said yourself she was a good worker" (act1) but if the rest of the family had known about it, or heard about it in some way from Mr Birling first other than hearing it when the
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