J. Edgar Hoover 's Skills

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J. Edgar Hoover was born on January 1st, 1895. Growing up, I believe J. Edgar Hoover learned his skills while still in school. He was on the debate team in highschool, which helped him with his public speaking, and he also learned some leadership skills while in college. He didn’t have to join the army after finishing school, because he had to take care of his mom. He eventually graduated college near the top of his class, with a Bachelor’s Degree in law, which led him to his first job in the Department of Justice, starting out as a Clerk. Here, he went through the ranks of the Department pretty fast, because most men were going into the army, which left open positions. After rising through the ranks of the Department of Justice, he eventually was appointed as the director of the then known as, General Bureau of Investigation. After becoming Director, he immediately was involved in taking down several big criminals of the time. Some people thought that these criminals were good, because they’d sometimes help out the people they robbed, which were mostly banks. However, after he took these people down, people’s minds were changed about him, and the Agency.

J. Edgar Hoover liked to take credit for things he did not do. There was one incident where New York Police were after a very popular murderer at the time, who had kidnapped and killed a young boy. When J. Edgar Hoover flew there to try to help(for the publicity), he was turned away by the current Chief of Police, who

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