J.K. Rowling Proves Woman Don't Need a Man to Survive Essay

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J.K. Rowling is a very prominent and noteworthy woman. She has influenced people’s lives all around the world, by writing the Harry Potter series of seven books. Rowling has given millions of dollars to charities and she has helped people all over the world enjoy reading. With her major philanthropic efforts of giving to charity or her brilliantly crafted novels, J.K. Rowling is the Dumbledore of the muggle world. Not only has J.K. Rowling influenced many women around the world, but she also has impacted many peoples’ lives. J.K. Rowling was a single mother trying to support her only daughter. She proved to single women that she doesn’t need a man to survive. J.K. Rowling shows females that they are just as capable as men. An …show more content…

Rowling has donated an estimated $160 million. According to Rowling, “If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals” (Rowling). That way of thinking perfectly reflects Rowling’s charitably since the success of her novels. On top of this, J.K. Rowling has also founded Lumos, a charity created to support children in Eastern Europe who are disadvantaged. She believes that she has far more than she needs, and that others deserve a helping hand. Rowling once said, “You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently” (Rowling). Likewise, Rowling wrote a Harry Potter encyclopedia. She said that, “whenever I do a printed encyclopedia I would like all the proceeds to go to charity” (Rowling). Rowling has displayed incredible kindness over the years, as well as instilled a love for reading amongst the youth of the nations. The magic of Harry Potter is for everyone; for those people who are having a rough day, and just want to forget reality. It’s for all the people who are lovers of fantasy and magic. Rowling would agree, when she stated, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” (Rowling). It’s a book that you can escape to, filled with magic and wonder, far beyond your biggest imagination. For those people who feel empty, Harry Potter can bring them into a world filled with love, friendship and happiness.

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