J.K: Rowling and Her Harry Potter Empire

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Most people today know Joanne Rowling by her nickname J.K. Rowling which "J" is the first letter of her first name and the first letter "K" for Kathleen which is her grandmothers name. J.K. Rowling decided to use that name to appeal to boys so using a unisex nickname she did just that. J.K. Rowling was born and raised in England. She was born on the 31 of july 1956. Her father James Rowling and mother Anne volant met on a train on their way to join the British navy. Even from an early age J.K Rowling had always dreamed about being a writer. She remembers even at the age of six she recalls wanting to get her stories published. From then her desire to be a writer only grew. At the age of 17 J.K. Rowling left her childhood town to go to Exeter University where she earned a French and Classics degree. "She slightly regretted choosing French, saying she would have preferred to study English. However, it was her parents wish that she study something 'more useful' than English" (Pettinger). She then studied a year in paris, graduated, then moved to London.

How her books reflect her life: Although the series Harry potter is about a Magical place Rowling puts many aspects of her own life in the Harry Potter series. One of the main characters in the series Hermione Granger is a strong female character who thrives on being right and who is extremely smart. J.K. Rowling did not intend to base Hermione on her childhood persona she describes her childhood self as "I did not set out

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