J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is NOT Sexually Biased Essay

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J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is NOT Sexually Biased

J.K. Rowling’s blockbuster Harry Potter series contains mystery, suspense, compelling language and colorful imagery, magical feats, and real life concerns. These books have managed to get children of all ages reading in a society dominated by computers, television, and videos. However, there have been several critics that claim these books are sexually biased. From the beginning of the first Potter book, it is boys and men, wizards and sorcerers, who dominate the scenes and determine the action. This alone does not make these books sexually biased.

Christine Schoefer, a freelance writer and concerned parent of three female Harry Potter fans, dissected the books in a brief
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However, Hermione is smart, loyal, and a member of Harry’s inner circle. She is the problem solver who guides the boys through many situations. These criticisms against Hermione make her a more complete and interesting character.

Another female character, Ron’s younger sister Ginny, seems to be portrayed as a silly and “stupid little girl” (Rowling 336). Ginny becomes the tool of evil when she takes to writing in a magical diary. For months and months, Ginny confides all her “pitiful worries and woes” (Rowling 309). For example, she wrote that “she didn’t think famous, good, great Harry Potter would ever like her” (Rowling). Riddle, the owner of the diary said, “It’s very boring, having to listen to the silly little troubles of an eleven year old” (Rowling 309). Ginny feels comfortable confiding in this diary and didn’t realize that it would cause such troubles. She is being a little naïve, but this is probably because she is only eleven years old; not because she is female. Dumbledore, Harry’s professor, defends Ginny. “This has been a terrible ordeal for her. Older and wiser wizards than she have been hoodwinked by Lord Voldemort” (Rowling 330).

The only female authority figure is Minerva McGonagall, professor of transfiguration and deputy head mistress of Hogwarts. McGonagall is Dumbledore’s right hand. Schoefer claims that Minerva lacks Dumbledore’s vision of the

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