J. Perez Foods (a) Case Writeup Essay

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J. Perez Foods (A) Case Writeup

Dear Jamie Jr,

From my observations, there is a massive, overarching family-business conflict embroiling you and your siblings (mainly Mercedes) that has the potential to not only undermine the cordial familial relationships between your family members, but also has the potential to destroy your family’s reputation in the Dominican business world. As a consultant to the Perez Family whose purpose is to bring stability to the ownership group, I will address 3 main areas of contention that if mitigated, I believe have the potential to resolve the current situation. My first area of contention is the outward personality and emotions you have displayed throughout the series of events. I understand that
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They are frightened. My first recommendation is for you to re-evaluate where you currently stands. You have successfully led the growth of the family business to revenues of $74 million and you are a successful political figure as a Senator of the Dominican Republic. You should be able to derive enough confidence from your past experiences to assert a degree of empathy towards your siblings’ dependency on you and the business’ success and adopt a strategy of response to their questionings. Instead of accepting Mercedes’ resignation, you should really have taken the time to peel deeper into where her concerns stemmed. This will help to relieve a lot of the tensions that overshadow most of your family meetings and aid in your internal processes of communication. An example of positive communication and collaboration can be seen in the Lauder family in which each member has a voice and each member’s ideas are dissected and absorbed into the aggregate whole, allowing them to implement new, innovative strategies while also maintaining an effect checks-and-balances system between the siblings. On the other hand, Herbert Haft’s strategy of locking-out any ideas contrary to his own only forced the dissentions within the business to grow and eventually overwhelm them. I know that you probably felt unfairly attacked and disappointed in Mercedes’ lack of faith in you, but I think we should really go back to R. Williams quote “Trust is always

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