J. Rilloraz Case Study

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Lt. Rilloraza and I discussed the incident with Officer Joseph and below is a summary: On 5-17-16, Officer Joseph responded to 1945 Wright St in regards to a man with a gun call. Officer Joseph had the K9 on leash and was watching a few subjects who were s on a curb. Suspect Binder was believed to have fired a rifle in the backyard. Suspect Binder while seated started going into his front right pocket, while seated and hand cuffed. Officer Joseph told him to stop, but he continued. Officer Joseph walked up and put his right hand on Binder's right shoulder and again told him to stop. Officer Joseph had the K9 on his left side away from Suspect Binder. As he reached to get the phone that Suspect Binder pulled out from his pocket, Suspect Binder
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