J Sainsbury - Financial Performance of Last 5 Years Essay

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J Sainsbury plc is a UK based company, into grocery, related retailing an financial services business. The study is primarily to do financial assessment of this company and its performance relative to its peers and industry. Seeing the last 5 years report, it is evident that company was in a bad share 3 years ago, and now its in the stage of recovery.
Starting 2004, there has been a major change in the board, as well as management. Since then company has taken several large and aggressive approach. This can be summarised as renovating/ ex-panding retail space, re-engineering of supply chain, and improvement in IT system. Also there has been focus on brand repositioning through quality improvement, cost reduction …show more content…

Jackson's Stores is an independent, regional con-venience store chain operating in the United Kingdom. The Company also includes JB Beaumont, which operates six convenience stores located in the East Midlands in the United Kingdom.
The Company offers financial services through Sainsbury's Bank. Sainsbury's Bank offers a range of products, which include savings and loan products, credit cards and a number of insurance products. It offers personal loans, savings accounts, and general and life insurance

2.3 Key facts
Number of employees
J Sainsbury employs around 148,000 people.

Store Estate

Table 1 – Retailing store and space summary

Group performance
The following figures show the group performance for the last three years. This data shows a positive trajectory and on the path of recovery. The same is also indicated in the chairman’s speech, which will be analysed later in this study.

Table 2 – Financial performance for last 3 years

Let me elaborate more on the past records, so that we get a clearer picture of its performance. If we see the last 5 years financial data, it is noted that they didn’t performed well in 2003 and 2004, the effect of which is shown clearly in the figures of 2005. Weather it EBITA, sales, profit margin or working capital management. Peter Davies, the former CEO, spent £3bn trying to update the supply chain, while

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