J.b. Priestley 's A Young Girl 's Suicide

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Intro The play was written in 1945 but set in 1912 and deals with the social attitudes of the wealthy towards the lower classes. The play shows Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, Sheila, Eric and Sheila’s fiancée Gerald embroiled in the case of a young girl’s suicide. The play is written to raise awareness of the class divide between the upper class (the Birling’s) and the lower class (Eva). J.B. Priestley wanted to shows the social injustice that he saw in society of Upper classes taking advantage of the lower classes. A main message to take from this play is that actions have consequences; J.B. Priestley did this to make the audience think about their own actions and social responsibilities. At first when we see Sheila we get the impression that she is very self-centred, materialistic and is concerned with her reputation. It becomes apparent that Sheila and Gerald’s relationship is not based on love; it means a step up the social ladder as Gerald” might have done better for himself socially”. It seems that Mr Birling is hoping for a business relationship between crofts limited and Birling and company for “lower costs and higher prices”. This shows that Birling perceives this relationship to make money and not to make his daughter happy. The ring shows materialism and class, rather than love. This is shown because “Sheila kisses Gerald hastily” which indicates a lack of romance. Sheila seems childish and naïve with the quote-“Mummy, isn’t it beautiful”. Due to the inspector’s
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