J.k Rowling : A True Riches Story Essay

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J.K Rowling is known for her Harry Potter novels, but also as an eminent philanthropist, to the extent that she was awarded the Order of the British Empire in the Queen 's Birthday Honours List in 2000, a recognition of achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people right across the United Kingdom. Joanne Rowling, AKA J.K Rowling, is a true rags to riches story. Starting from a happy, fun, childhood, to never speaking to her father again. Once known as one of the slowest learners in class, to becoming an English teacher. Lastly, from a divorcee on welfare to becoming a world known novelist, screenwriter, and film producer, earning billions of dollars, best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. Her best-selling novels have sold more than 400 million copies and won numerous awards. She is titled the” Most Influential Woman in Britain” (, and is ranked as the twelfth richest woman in the United Kingdom, net worth estimating at $445.5 million dollars, not including royalties. Joanne Rowling, daughter of Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling was born on 31 July 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England, at Yate General Hospital, her parents had just turned 20, and were only married for four months when she was born. Joanne was not given a middle name. Both her parents were typical children of the sixties, playing the guitar, and loved the Beatles. Joanne’s father, Peter James Rowling, at the age of 18, joined the British
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