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International Marketing Mix Commentary Hui Lu N8035636 Word:1039 Executive Summary Jiaduobao is the most popular herbal tea brand in China and targeted to the customers who afraid of the internal inflammation. Australia ranked as the second easiest country to do business and it offered some strong future growth opportunities for the Chinese herbal tea since Australia has the long-standing business relationships with China and the healthy drink became more and more popular. Competition within the herbal tea market also remains relatively low because there is no competition for herbal tea existing at the current market. It is suggested that Jiaduobao use the direct export to enter the Australia and use the contingency…show more content…
3.0.0 Australian marketplace 3.1.0 Market Environment Source:Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2013). Australia has a population is roughly 22.7 million people and GDP per capita PPP of US$44,074 in 2013. It is ranked as the second easiest country to do business since it offered one of the best-regulated commercial environments in the world (World Bank Doing Business, 2013). The relationship between China and Australia was longstanding and played an indispensable role for both economic interests. China is Australia 's first largest export market and they commenced a Free Trade Agreement to further strengthen their business relationship. The tea market in Australia had total revenues of $ 11.7bn in 2012 with consumption volumes increased with a CAGR of 4.1% between 2008 and 2012, which is expected to reach 4.9 billion liters by 2017(Market Line, 2012). 3.2.0 Consumer Behavior In Australian, a large number of customers prefer the healthy drink rather than caffeinated beverages cause healthy and wellness are still as the main factors to impact the purchasing decisions of customers. However, Consumers are affected by brand strongly, and the majority of competitors have to manage and develop their brands to capture the attention of customers. Overall, the buyer power is moderate. 3.3.0 Competitors In Australia, the majority of Customers
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