JFK Assassination

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Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent and received instructions and assistance from the CIA to assassinate JFK. During the investigation, the organization hid that they were closely monitoring Lee Oswald for four years (All time Conspiracies). The Information that the CIA had on Oswald shows that they set him up or had him as an agent. According to Business insider, in 2013 the CIA historian David Robarge concluded in his report that head of the CIA John McCone hid information from president Lyndon B Johnson. "Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy" also referred to as the "Warren Commission" and that top agency officials were part of a "benign cover-up” (Business Insider). Apart from this issue, Oswald whom seemed to live an ordinary life had ties to CIA agents. While living in New Orleans, in 1963, Oswald shared an office space with CIA anti-Castro group. According to business insider, University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato, author of "The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency,…show more content…
The CIA were involved in the death of the troops killed in Cuba and more importantly the planning of the murder of Fidel Castro. The Organization also was known to have disagreements with JFK regarding the Bay of Pigs mission. JFK who did not support military actions, refused to allow the CIA and American troops to attack Cuba and over throw Fidel Castro. After the unsuccessful invasion and the tragic slaughter of the soldiers, JFK took the blame; however, he blamed the CIA. According to inside job this was enough to assassinate JFK. “CIA officials were reportedly deeply angered by Kennedy’s lack of support in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to oust Cuba's Fidel Castro, a debacle that cost Dulles his job in 1961. Conspiracy buffs argue that Dulles's firing incited plans for an assassination” (An Insider Job NBC newas). The Warren commissioner that was appointed to the investigation was indeed the Dulles from the

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