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Decision Analysis
Task 1 with output

To: Shuzworld
From: Robert Hixon Director of Operations
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Re: Operations Recommendations
Date: November, 06, 2012
A) Work Flow
The current workflow needs to address how to best organize the assembly line so that it is most efficient, and what metrics can be provided in determining the correct number of workstations. My recommendation to improve work flow is to utilize assembling and balancing strategies in Shuzworld’s
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Using this layout strategy will directly improve workflow by minimizing the imbalance between machines and personnel while meeting the required output. Additionally, assembly line will put fabricated parts together at a series of workstations to create a smooth continuing flow on the assembly line with little idle time at each workstation. (Heizer, 2010). In order to be able to produce at a specified rate, we must be aware of the tools, processes and equipment being used.
By inputting the information into the layout strategies method, I conclude that SSPF can eliminate 3 of their workstations. Therefore, it will be 92% efficient with 50 minutes of time allocated, 4 minutes of idle time, and 10 minutes of maximum cycle time.

A1) Justification
The learning curve was chosen because of the strategic importance that is placed on a learning curve.

The learning curve is applied to assist in the development of strategic decisions on levels of employment,

opportunities, costs and prices. Repeat the same results in less time on this operation. This means more time to

produce more because it takes less time to produce. Available resources and the process of change can also

change the learning curve, and that the company pursues the learning curve to get the cost savings should be

increased for
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