JIT manufacturing and inventory control system Essay

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JIT Just-in-time production is considered to be on the leading edge of technological advancement. With improvements in the virtually every industry, maintaining an effective production line while minimizing inventory costs is a very feasible option. Just-in-time systems are designed to keep inventory costs at a minimum, unlike the ways of old, with large warehouses loaded with back inventory. With technology allowing instantaneous communication around the world, production lines and stores do not have to wait for days for inventory delivery. It can happen, well, just-in-time. Many companies are on the verge of switching to a just-in-time inventory system, to compliment the millions of companies that have already implemented the system. …show more content…
The supplier should be considered by the manufacturing company as an extension of the plant and should be included in all planning which involves his products. Certain individuals in the production plant should be selected to represent the company on matters pertaining to schedules and delivery quantities (Naylor). Several techniques exist for controlling the flow of material from the supplier to the manufacturing company. The specific technique should be selected which would best suit the implementation of the just-in-time concept for the particular item being purchased. Automatic inventory replenishment by the vendor is a technique where the supplier determines the need for required materials based on frequent deliveries to the plant.

Depending on the nature of the production process as well as the material involved, this could range from many times a day to a less frequent interval. Visual review of existing inventory by the supplier will determine how much to deliver (Slack). The method of inventory control is not foreign to U.S. commerce and industry; visit a supermarket and see how the baker delivers his goods. He replenishes the baked goods based on a visual review of what is on the shelves. The same is true for soda and candy vendor machines. Those using oil to heat their home are certainly familiar with this type of inventory system; the driver comes by the house periodically and fills the tank. Implementing just-in-time may result in
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