JIT2 Risk Management Essay

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Task 1 (C) – JIT2 Risk Management Western Governors University C. Recommendations Create an implementation plan in which you recommend ways of implementing, monitoring and adjusting the BCP. For the task of creating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), I will follow a logical and systematic formula for implementation, monitoring and reviewing the plan for United Health Group. The goal is to minimize the impact of any disruption by containing it within a predictable and predetermined period of time. To do this, I recommend that this plan be developed and implemented with as many preventative controls, contingency resources, and procedures designed to allow the organization to quicky bounce back from any long-term business…show more content…
Safeguard mission-critical databases and processes All customer records and critical financial records (transactions and historical records) must be kept safe and intact so as to allow complete restoration of data throughout the departments. Examples of critical business data: · Corporate and Vendor contact numbers · Internet Conectivity · Policies and Procedure Documents · Physical Plant and Equipment · On-Site Server Locations · DR Declaration Notification checklist · Off-site storage location inventory Backup copies of appropriate vital records must be maintained in a secure off-site storage location. The off-site storage location has been selected due to its location which will ensure it is unaffected by the disaster since distance and accessibility were considered in site selection. 7. Memorialize the DR plan in a logical, written form The best way to

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