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Linda M. Student ID: RJOT Task 1 I recently left a position at a small Early Childhood Education center in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school consisted of children ranging in age of 6 weeks to 6 years. I worked there for eleven years in a variety of age groups. Most of my experience was in Preschool, with children who were three and four years old. The school was located in Point Park University located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, in one of the University’s dorm buildings and took up two floors. Each classroom was between three and four dorm rooms combined in size. The rooms were long and narrow with partial walls knocked down and converted into doorways between the rooms. Because of the classrooms…show more content…
The school was an extremely friendly place and the longer the families and teachers were there, it became like a family. Because the school was open to the University and its surrounding office buildings of the city of Pittsburgh, the students came from families who were well educated and wanted to give their children a great head start in their educations. The school prided itself on being the best early childhood educator in the city. The school offered a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The students were introduced to multicultural activities taught through everyday experiences. Teachers had their classrooms stocked with multicultural music, art supplies, books, wall hangings and snacks. The students were encouraged to explore all of these items throughout the day. Since the school is not enrolled with a very diverse population, the staff created a very multicultural environment for the students to explore and learn in. The staff felt that even though the school is undiverse, the world is not and the students need to be educated in this area. The staff worked very hard at coming up with activities to teach multicultural issues. One example of how multicultural diversity was taught was through a “Foods from Around the World” lesson. This was a weekly lesson where the students learned about different countries by sampling their native foods. Each family was asked to donate

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