JROTC: A Career As A Cadet Officer

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In JROTC there are many topics to learn as a cadet. A cadet must memorize the cadet creed and be dedicated to the program. As a cadet I learned a lot of topics in JROTC during my freshman year. In the JROTC I learned the basic rules on how to be a good cadet and the Cadet Staff’s Responsibilities. During freshman year in JROTC we learned a lot about leadership and how it will affect us in the future. Leadership was a big topic that we learned during ROTC, the 11 principles of leadership was also an important topic we covered, it thought us how to become leaders. In the future everything I learned in JROTC will make me more independent, reliable, and a helpful person. JROTC taught me how to become more independent and how to lead others,…show more content…
JROTC has taught me a lot so it’s very difficult to choose what I would like to see next year in the curriculum. If I had to choose, next year I want to learn how to build a better character for myself. Next year I would like to practice on my communication skills because I would like to communicate better with my team. Our sergeant should teach how to be more responsible so in the morning for example, when we have drill more people can come. People often use the excuse that there too tired to wake up but if they we more responsible we can have an awesome drill team. Students in JROTC lack responsibility, so I think our sergeant should give us activities that involve us being responsible so the ROTC cadets get more responsible. I want to be more responsible because next year we are going to receive a lot of freshman cadets and I want them to see how responsible we are so they can follow suit, so JROTC can turn into an even better program. My experiences as a freshman in JROTC cadets didn’t want to participate in ROTC activities, but being more responsible next year we can show the new cadets that joining activities is fun. We can improve JROTC even more by participating more in…show more content…
When we go to future parades I want to learn new chants to represent our school. In JROTC I want to learn what you need in your resume when applying for a university and what will look good on it, so I can get a higher chance to get into that university. I would like to know what you need to do in JROTC to get a better chance at a college and for how long you have to do something in ROTC. I would like to try to do team building exercises so students in are class get to know each other better and communicate well, so when we get older it would be easy for us to do simple tasks. I think our class should communicate more so we can build strong friendships and accomplish a task together in class. I learned a lot in JROTC it changed me a lot; my personality changed and I became a better leader and I build better friendship and my leadership skills improved a lot. I want to learn what other things JROTC haves to offer that isn’t related to drill, rifle, etc. I want to know what soldiers have to go through when they are sent to war and how they adapt to their surroundings when they go to war. I want to learn about what the president thinks about the wars and how many soldiers they send to defend this country. I’m curious on the chain of command people have to follow to contact the

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