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findings will be presented and discussed in order to lead to a final chapter of conclusions, recommendations and limitations. JUSTIFICATIONS AND LIMITATIONS Choosing the right methods and techniques are very important to the type of research carried out. It has to be appropriate and compatible with the purpose of the investigation. This paper will use three qualitative approaches in order to extract and utilize the wealth of potential information latent in the subjects. The use of Participant observation is very appropriate for data collection since intern’s attitude in a naturally occurring behavior and the study is carried out in its usual context. In-depth interviews are indeed optimal for data collection on the interns since the…show more content…
The adoption of this technique will be applied by first asking the subjects to take photographs of what they believe is significant to them in the work environment, what they like, what they don’t like, and what concerns them. On a later stage the subjects will be grouped in a room in order to apply what Burkard (2008) calls the social photo matrix (SPM). This technique requires other members of the research team to describe the photos projected by other members in order to reveal any peculiarities in the photos that the photographer didn’t realize. This is one of the advantages of this technique; it provides opportunities to explore the conscious as well as the unconscious parts of how person and organization relate. The second technique to be carried out is in depth open interviews. The reason why this method was chosen could be explained by taking an excerpt from Robson (2002, p. 271). The statement was that circumstances in which qualitative research interviews are most appropriate are when 1)”The study pays attention on particular events that mean something to the participants 2) When the perceptions of the subjects are emphasized”. As it was mentioned in the philosophical consideration section, the study is undertaking a constructionist perspective in which individuals construct their own reality through their perceptions, therefore in order to find out the answer
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