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1. Traditionalist charge that wider agenda makes the subject incoherent and formulates security to incorporate and formulates security to incorporate the agenda. Traditionalist security patterns has considerable power to explain and predict both the formation of durable regional patterns of security relations and the patterns of outside intervention in these regions.

2. Barry Buzan in his book, people are affected by threats in different areas other than military, such as in political, economic, societal and environmental sectors. He maintains that individuals, states and the international system all play significant roles. All facets of life including
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11. The environmental sector existence of two different agenda::

a. The political agenda is essentially government and intergovernmental, consist of the public decisionmaking process and public policies that address how to deal with environmental concerns. The scientific agenda underpins the political agenda is about state and public awareness off issues on scientific agenda ( how much of scientific agenda is recognized by policymaker), the acceptance of political responsibility for dealing with these issues and the political management questions that arise

b. The scientific agenda is about the authoritative assessment of threat for securitizing or desecuritizing moves where as the political agenda deals with the formation of concern in the public sphere about these moves and the allocation of collective means by which to deal with the issues raised.

12. The environmental sector is made complicated by its great variety of issues:

a. Disruption of ecosystems include loss of biodiversity, deforestation and other form of erosion, depletion of the ozone layer and various form of population.
b. Energy problems include the depletion of natural resources such as fuel wood, various forms of pollution, including management
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