Jack : A Selfish And Evil Human

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Robert Claro
Professor Fernandez
English 4
August 10, 2014
Jack: A Selfish and Evil Human
The children landed uncharted island far from any semblance of police, parents, or even teachers. The island was almost like the “Neverland” that Disney taught us about years ago, but without Tinkerbell and a magical home with all their needs. Jack and the children in this adventure were in a heap of trouble. They were many, some smaller and some bigger (littleuns and bigguns). These kids had to organize themselves into some sort of unit, to more efficiently find a way home. That is where the trouble begins. When one or more humans come together, a hierarchy is always established. Similar to when one goes to a restaurant and the waitress only addresses our father for the majority of the tables decisions. When this hierarchy forms, the decisions this leader takes will always be classified as good or evil, and the society will be judged by the character at their forefront. In William Golding’s novel “Lord of The Flies”, Jack Merridew is the character that takes leadership in the society and proves humanity is inherently evil by demonstrating human’s: selfish tendencies, competitive nature, and hopelessness.
Jack stopped at nothing to control situations on the island. He would make decisions even when none were there to be made. From the first interaction, upon arriving at Ralph’s call he ordered his team to line up standing. That selfishness is one of the ingredients that later help Jack…
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