Jack And Hope Essay

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Unit 2 DB 1 PSF8606 Introduction In our society is that the color of our skin, the cloth we wear on or off the job and the lack of not knowing can send off all types of alarms in our head. For example empty parking lot, an African American Woman walking to her car and she hears and fears the footsteps that are closing in on her. She looks back and it is a Caucasian man dressed unprofessionally and she does not recognize him. She calls security and they rush to her aid. They check the males ID, and it was a new intern they hired while she was out on vacation. He is upset because he feels like his color was the issue; she is beside herself and thought the issue would just go away, but it did not, and affected her whole organization. The story of Jack and Hope is kind of like this and this learner will try to analyze this case. Dillion and Hope's case Hope works at an accounting firm called Fuller Fenton. Hope likes to get a head start on the coming week’s work, so she goes into work from time to time on Sunday. On this one particular Sunday, she swiped her card, but noticed that there was another car that came in right behind her that did not use their access card, and she did not recognize him. This scared Hope a little bit, but not enough to stop her from getting out her car to ask the person…show more content…
The other side of the sword, the others believed that their organizations did not care about a woman’s safety. But was that really it or was there more to it? There is more to it. For example, according to Connor (2000, para. 11-13) the organization is embraced as very diverse, but the experiences of Dillon and other African-Americans at the firm tell a very different story, so much so that Dillon was taken off a team for fear that the client--an old-line company in Texas--might object to Dillions color. His organization is doing all they can to calm everyone down and find a
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