Jack And Piggy

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Jack, Ralph, and Piggy
Sigmund Freud was a neurologist in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He believed that everyone's personalities had three entities known as the Id, Ego, and Superego. In the novel Lord of the Flies the author, William Golding, presents each one of these entities through the main characters. The best examples of these would be represented as Piggy being the superego, Ralph being the ego, and Jack being the id.
I am going to start by talking about is the Id. The Id is our instinctual part of our personality that we have at the start of birth. The Id only seeks pleasure and acts on impulse (Rathus 397). Jack best fits as the the Id. His primitive instincts kick in and he becomes a savage and has a thirst for power. The first
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The superegos responsibility is to keep the Id in line ("Id Ego Superego | Simply Psychology"). Piggy is actually the only one i think could be considered a superego. He is the only one who never goes savage and stays truly civilized. One example of this is piggy is the only boy that doesn't attack the beast, simon, and try to kill it because he thinks it isn't right (Golding). Also when piggy is murdered at the end of the book it happens when piggy is trying to appeal to all the boys civilized sides to keep them doing the right thing but it doesn't work and the Id in all of them triumphs over the superego (Golding). Now onto the last of the three personalities. The last of the three is the ego. The ego is the balance between the other two. The ego makes the decisions while the other two try to influence it ("Id Ego Superego | Simply Psychology"). Ralph is the best example of ego from the book. Jack tries to make Ralph become savage and hunt with them and ralph does partake in the killing of simon, therefore this is an example of where the Id influenced the Ego more than the Superego (Golding). But piggy throughout the book stays by Ralph's side and always reminds him of their civilized roots acting as his superego
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