Jack Doesn 't Want For Start An Outbreak

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Another Place, Another Time

Jack didn’t want to start an outbreak. What eleven-year-old did? He didn’t even want to find The Kingdom. All he wanted was to get away from his babysitter, Susanne. Now his whole town was infected with the Sickness, and it was all his fault.

He sat in his room, his back against the locked door, staring at his hands. The hands were the first sign of Sickness. A slimy, black ooze would drip off your fingers, seemingly coming from nowhere. He’d seen it on his mom, and on Susanne, and on the whole town. Now he saw it on himself. It spread up your arms and throughout your body, turning your skin the color of midnight. You were still yourself then, though. You were still you, until the Sickness reached your brain.

Jack watched the black droplets splashing onto the ground and melting into the floor boards. He knew he had to do something about the Sickness that had rapidly taken his whole town. He swung his backpack over his back and put a cap on over his fair-haired head. Then he climbed out the window (thankfully, his room was on the first floor) and started running towards the only place he could think to go: The woods.

He recalled three weeks ago, when he had done the same. Jack had come to the woods many times as a child. He loved the fresh air and cool breeze that came with entering it. It reminded him of his father, who had gotten very sick and died a year and three weeks before. On that day he had come here to be alone, and that’s when…
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