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I’ve heard it said that the entertainment business is who you know and who knows you. Honthaner highlights this in her text, Hollywood Drive, in the context of networking and collaboration (33). Thus, I found it rather fortunate that Jack Flanagan, a Junior Manager at Entertainment Lab, agreed to have lunch with me and discuss his career thus far. Jack is passionate about his work, friendly and incredibly approachable. I sat down with him at Subway for a quick meal, a casual conversation, and inquired what it meant to work in the “business.”
Originally from California, Jack joined his high school’s student TV station and found his passion for entertainment. Having graduated from USC in 2013, he brings his insight into the filmic world to his job as a full-time professional. Of the companies Jack has worked for, he finds Entertainment Lab—a talent management company based on Wilshire Boulevard—to be fastest growing. The number of project bookings for represented actors continues to grow each month. The current challenge, he notes, is the opportunities for expansion—increases in the roster, internal staff, and physical office space are closing in. I remarked that it is an exceptionally good problem to have.
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For the time being, he’s interested in pursuing a career in management and increasing the roster he represents. But he notes that one’s career can take many directions, particularly in the contemporary entertainment industry. As a Junior Manager, Jack works under Sean Dubravac and Matt Ilczuk who founded the company in 2008 (“About”). He primarily books actors for commercials and print ads. He also attends talent showcases to find possible additions to the company’s roster; providing representation for more high-quality clients is vital to their growth within the
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