Jack Fruit Seed Spread

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Historical Background A spread is a food that is spread with a knife onto bread, crackers, or other bread products. Spreads are added to bread products to provide flavor and texture, and are an integral part of the dish; they should be distinguished from condiments, which are optional additions. Spreads should also be distinguished from dips, which do not employ a knife in applying it to crackers or chips. (en.wikipedia.org) Butter is a dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. It is generally used as a spread and a condiment, as well as in cooking applications, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying. Butter consists of butterfat, water and milk proteins. Most frequently made…show more content…
The demand of sandwich spread in the market is gradually increasing because of the continuous increase in population, that’s why this product will certainly fulfill the demand of the consumers. Even there are a lot of competitors in the sector the proponents believe that the consumers will buy these goods because it is nutritious and affordable. The proponents believe that producing this product will benefit many people and will help the food industry. One of its major beneficiaries is the consumers, the government, competitors, and other investors that are more focused in the food industry. Statement of the Problems 1. Marketing Aspect 1.1 What are the promotional strategies should be implemented to attract customers? 1.2 Is there a demand for the product? 2. Management Aspect 2.1 What is the organizational form of the business? 2.2 How many employees needed in putting up this business? 3. Technical Aspect 3.1 Where is the appropriate location in putting up the business? 3.2 Who are the possible suppliers of the materials needed for the business? 4. Financial Aspect 4.1 How much would be the total capital needed to establish the business? 4.2 How long will the business recover its investment? Socio Economic Aspect 1. What are the possible contributions of the business in the national and local economy? 2. What are the changes that may occur in the economy? Objective of the Study 1. Marketing Aspect 1.1 To determine
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