Jack Johnson : The First Black Heavy Weight Champion

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Cierra Moreno Hist-1302-044 Alvarez 9:00 Jack Johnson The word racism was and continues to be a common word used to distinguish the inferior from the superior, furthermore the blacks from the whites. African Americans were denied several rights including eating and sitting in the same section as a white man or women. They were murdered and tortured for naïve actions, even children were harmed during this time. In order for one to understand such undignified actions, one must also understand that these actions took place in a whole different kind of world. Jack Johnson is an excellent example of a “New Negro” a word referred to African Americans in the 20 Th century. Jack Johnson differed from any other black man or women. He would not apologize for being black, but embrace it as if it was like a ribbon. He lived his life demanding equality, slept with whomever he pleased, and lived a life nothing short of that of a free man. Jack Johnson also known as the first black heavy weight champion, frightened many Caucasian men. One might ask if it was because of his colossal size or if it merely was because of the fact that Johnson demanded equality. He wanted to be known all around the world, and nothing was going to stop him; not even a white man. In order for Johnson to be taken seriously, he challenged multiple white men to boxing matches. He wanted to prove to those men and the world that he was no ordinary black boxer. However, no white male boxer would meet up in the ring

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