Jack Johnson Wins The Heavyweight Championship

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The author, Randy Roberts in his article “Jack Johnson wins the Heavyweight Championship” sheds light on the fight of Jack Johnson with Tommy Burns, he highlights the racial attitude in the twentieth century. Roberts opens his article by mentioning about the concerned whites, as the author proceeds, according to the whites it was a tragic and saddest day of their lives as the race won. While Dixie was agitated, firstly because of the Booker T. Washington dined at the White House and secondly was the victory of Jack Johnson. However, the blacks rejoiced all over the United States with this news. Roberts mentions about a journalist report, it stated that the genuine satisfaction the blacks experienced with the single victory of Johnson was not been observed in forty years.
The author then mentions many industries concern about the blacks being enthusiastic to enter in boxing due to the triumph of Johnson, which may result in a shortage of labor. On the other hand, Jim Nasium a black writer counseled many young blacks to take up boxing as a serious profession, he believed that it is the boxing ring where blacks could face whites on an equal basis. There were many reports implicating that Johnson had kick started the revolution.
According to the author, it started in August 1908, when Tommy Burns reached Perth. While from Perth to Sydney, people came in large numbers to cheer him. During this occasions, Burns was asked recurrently about his fight with Jack Johnson, to which he
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