Jack Katz 's Sociological Work On Crime

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This Jack Katz’s sociological work on crime explores the moral connotations of criminal behavior through the analysis of the mechanics of the criminal consciousness of the perpetrators, in which any of their specific pre-exiting social and/or psychological foundations may not alter the inner sensuality and the feelings of the moral restoration that conforms the true essence of their subjective criminal experience. Katz exposes the confrontations of the reality of such experience in the criminal’s mind, inducing a challenge into the thinking of traditional explanations that rule all morally accepted codes in modern society. Katz’ work gives a firm introduction to a theory of moral transcendence, as it takes the readers in an analytical expedition to the world of deviance. His work also represents a major achievement in expanding the understanding of criminal acts and their sensual connection in the criminal mind as he simply conceives it: “The Moral and Sensual Attractions of Doing Evil.”

In this book, Katz presents the criminal motivations as having an independent and perhaps rather magical nature, because inner conflicts, past social scarring, economical status, and/or the genetic conformation of the assailant will not have any effect in the distinctive sensual dynamics propelling him into the criminal act. This may sound somewhat illogical, but as Katz explains the particular seductions and compulsions of a perpetrators experience may be unique to crime. From Katz point…
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