Jack Kennedy : An Unforgettable Man

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Jack Kennedy “That unforgettable, elusive man” said Jacqueline Kennedy referring to her husband John Kennedy. Jack indeed an unforgettable man. In this book written by Chris Matthews, it shines light on the wonderful life cut short of Jack Kennedy, as it accounts for many interesting situations. Jack Kennedy was full of charisma, and loved to test the higher power, and that’s why I believe he succeeded as a human being. Born in 1917, the second son out of an eventual nine children. His older brother Joseph Kennedy, born in 1915, entered a prestigious boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut known as Choate. This leaving Jack a tough act to follow, Jack at Choate was not to be a copy of the much-admired Joseph Kennedy Jr., as he was able to see the humor in life. Jack also in his early life had dealt with a chronic back problem and stomach problems, with no doctor knowing what was wrong. One doctor even guessed that he had Leukemia. Where Jack got most of his intelligence while in the hospital, as he would lie in the hospital bed there was nothing to do except read. Jack being a sick, skinny child in the hospital, while everyone else participated in sports, he would read. Jack never had anyone to confide his secrets to in his early life, but that changed once he met an eventual life long pal known as Lem Billings. Lem and Jack were the best of friends at Choate. Another pal the two had was Rip Horton. Jack had entered Choate a lonely kid and left a ringleader

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