Essay on Jack Kerouac’s On The Road - The Character of Dean Moriarty

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The Character of Dean Moriarty in On the Road Part two of Jack Kerouac's novel, On the Road, gives the reader, for the first time, a close look at the character Dean Moriarty. This section of the novel begins when Dean, his ex-wife Marylou, and his friend Ed, meet up with his closer friend, Sal, at Sal's brother's house in Virginia. Sal had not seen Dean for over a year when they suddenly show up on the doorstep. Sal sums up their tale by saying, "So now Dean had come about four thousand miles from Frisco, via Arizona and up to Denver, inside four days, with innumerable adventures sandwiched in, and it was only the beginning" (117). Dean is an individual who has a very enthusiastic and optimistic outlook on life. But attached to his…show more content…
He needs some sort of goal the he can concentrate on so that he is not wasting any of his precious moments just existing. He even describes himself in a similar manner. He says to Marylou, "Now, Marylou, listen really, honey, you know that I'm a hotrock capable of everything at the same time and I have unlimited energy..." (135). The first thing that Dean says to everyone, as soon as they leave Sal's brother's house, is, "The time has come for us to decide what we're going to do for the next week" (113). Dean, Marylou, and Ed have just driven from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to Denver, and finally to Virginia in "an amazingly short time" (109), but Dean is not even concerned about relaxing awhile before taking off again. Furthermore, he already has ideas forming in his head concerning his next adventure. His thought processes can be examined in a passage on pages 113 and 114. He says to his companions, "We all get to see Carlo, darlings, first thing tomorrow. Now, Marylou, we're getting some bread and meat to make a lunch for New York. How much money do you have, Sal? We'll put everything in the back seat, Mrs. P's furniture, and all of us will sit up front cuddly and close and tell stories as we zoom to New York. Marylou, honeythighs, you sit next to me, Sal next, then Ed at the window, big Ed to cut off the drafts, whereby he comes into using the robe this time. And then we'll all go off to sweet life, 'cause now is the time and we all
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