Jack Kerovorkian Research Paper

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A day that would be remembered forever, the day that Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped someone take her life. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a remarkable man. He was caring and willing to help people who were in need. He wasn’t as evil as everyone proclaimed, some people called him “Dr. Death”. In my mind, he was a hero. If you had a family member who was suffering from Alzheimer’s wouldn’t you want them not to be in pain anymore? That is actually what Jack Kevorkian thought. He invented a “Suicide Machine,” as the media called it. The suicide machine is no longer appropriate to use anymore. The states that have legalized euthanasia have the doctor prescribes a drug that the patient takes whenever he/she feels ready for it. This drug will put the patient into a deep sleep and they will feel no pain whatsoever.
If you were suffering from a deadly disease wouldn’t you just want to be out of pain? Many people will go to extreme measures to end the suffering. When we become older, we can expect age to come with some health issues. Even though it’s expected, some people’s health issues are more severe than others. A doctor’s job is to prolong a human life, but some people just
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We are afraid that if more states legalize it, it will start a huge fight between the different religions. Catholic leaders are probably the most vocal opponents of euthanasia. They believe that God should be the one who chooses when a person dies. According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “We call all Catholics and on all person of good will to reject the proposals to legalize Euthanasia” ( Just because they want to make euthanasia illegal doesn’t mean everyone else should. The Unitarian Universalists believe that everyone should have the right of self-determination in dying, and so should we. Just because it is sin in one religion does not mean we should base our laws on the beliefs of a particular
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