Jack Loathed Sean. Priestley 's ' The Dust '

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Jack loathed Sean. It was as simple as that. Sean was a hotshot, an average American high schooler trying to be something more than the normal life he was destined for. Sean was the type to put popularity before all things including his education and more importantly his relations with the people he used to be friends with. It wasn’t always like that though. Sean and Jack used to be the best of friends, doing everything together. Of course, until Sean saw his glimmer of hope and shot for popularity and left Jack behind in the dust. That’s when Jack saw his opportunity to truly exact his revenge on his former friend and put the hotshot in his place. He devised a very complex and genius plan with little room to fail. A long while ago he had…show more content…
She was gorgeous. Her eyes were the color of emeralds, their radiant green a beacon for lost Smith, 2 souls. Her lips were crimson and her skin shone like gold. Long, luscious locks of silky blond hair flowed down her shoulders. The woman was tall and her posture regal. “Who are you?” he inquired. “I am Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love,” the women replied. “What business do you have with a mere mortal such as I?” asked Jack. “I am here to warn you,” she stated, “I do not agree with your plan. You know that I am a goddess of love and any act towards breaking the sacred bond of a relationship can only be described as an atrocity towards me and I take it personally. I hope you understand and I beg you to stop with your plan.” “I apologize,” sighed Jack, “my plan for revenge against this so called “friend” of mine is too ingenious to not go through with.” And with that, Aphrodite disappeared with a poof, leaving no trace of her radiant beauty behind. The next day, Jack started to set his plan into motion, completely ignoring Aphrodite’s message. One day he set Claire aside and gave her a box, calling it “His little secret.” He told her never to open it, but to keep it in case he ever needed it back. Now Jack played the waiting game, as he knew that Claire’s curiosity would get the best of her. It was only a matter of time. As Claire walked home from school that day, she kept wondering why Jack would give her such a box.
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