Jack Loathed Sean. Priestley 's ' The Dust '

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Jack loathed Sean. It was as simple as that. Sean was a hotshot, an average American high schooler trying to be something more than the normal life he was destined for. Sean was the type to put popularity before all things including his education and more importantly his relations with the people he used to be friends with. It wasn’t always like that though. Sean and Jack used to be the best of friends, doing everything together. Of course, until Sean saw his glimmer of hope and shot for popularity and left Jack behind in the dust. That’s when Jack saw his opportunity to truly exact his revenge on his former friend and put the hotshot in his place. He devised a very complex and genius plan with little room to fail. A long while ago he had heard Sean talk about his attraction to Claire, a new girl to the school. Fortunately for Jack he had ended up in the same math class as Claire, and had become friends with her. Jack knew that Sean was not a man to quickly change his mind and knew that Sean probably still saw Claire the way he had done last year.
Soon after making his observations Jack started talking to Claire more, occasionally mentioning his friend Sean. Jack had a way with words and he knew it. Soon he had Claire convinced that this “Sean” character was a generous, kind-hearted man worth paying attention to. He then introduced her to him and before long they had set things off and began dating.
As Jack lay in his bed at night obsessing over his ingenious plan a woman…
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