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Jack London: A Biography John Griffith London, better known to us as Jack London, was born to Flora Wellman January 12, 1876, in San Francisco. (Ranch Album) His father was presumably W.H. Chaney, who left Flora after finding out she was pregnant. (Stasz, 9) Flora met and eventually married John London on September 7, 1876 bringing John's two other children, Ida and Eliza, into the family. (Ranch Album) Flora enlisted the help of a wet nurse and, with the help her and Eliza, Jack London was raised. For the next ten years, John and his family relocated several times within California, moving from farm to farm trying to become financially successful. (Marshall) Finally, the London family moved to Oakland where Jack…show more content…
After a year, he returned not rich, but ill with scurvy from malnutrition. (Stasz, 78) He also found that his father had died and resolved to support his mother solely from writing. His experiences in the Yukon lead to what are called his Northland stories. My three stories, "To Build a Fire," "The League of the Old Men," and "Love of Life" as well as the better known novels The Call of the Wild and White Fang are all part of the Northland stories. Jack London's loves were not restricted to Mother Nature; Jack had been married, carried on affairs, and had at least two children, Joan and Bess. He became an extremely prolific writer during these times, writing as much as nineteen hours a day- for this, he also gained a bit of wealth. Looking for a new challenge, and an excuse to get away from his wife Bessie, London traveled to England to write The People of the Abyss, a novel detailing the slums of London. (Stasz, 108) After its completion, he toured Europe and finally returned home to separate from Bessie. (Marshall) He then became a correspondent for the San Francisco Examiner and traveled to the Far East to cover the Russo-Japanese War. Upon his return, Jack took his new love, Charmian Kittredge to California, bought a ranch in Glen Ellen, and married her. (Marshall) The next few years
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