Jack London Is King By Alexander Supertramp

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“Jack London is King . . . Alexander Supertramp . . . Graffito carved into a piece of wood discovered at the site of Chris McCandless’s death” (9). (P) From the context of the first chapter, of Chris’s passing in the Alaskan wilds, the mention of Jack London merits the connection to Call of the Wild. At the end of the novel, Buck is implied to have ascended to a higher plane of existence, having broken free of society’s chains. Given Alex’s (likely an alibi of Chris) reverence to the author, and the stated fact of his death, the details of his travels will bear at least some resemblance to Buck’s journey through the Canadian north. With this in mind, the reader believes that Chris will eventually embark on one last trip, armed with the knowledge gained from his experiences, seeking something unobtainable in the life given to him. It is probable that Chris achieved some form of enlightenment, leaving his regrets behinds for the possibility of a better world, and a better life. “But this epiphany occurred only after the intervention of time and misfortune, when my father’s self-satisfied existence had begun to crumble beneath him . . .had transported him here, to this nightmarish station, was an irony that brought me no pleasure” (Krakauer 149-150). (R) There is a sharp juxtaposition of mood following Krakauer’s previous “enlightenment”. In the end, he made his own peace, though his father would never realize. This peace, though, did not come easily. Lewis’ descent into
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