Jack London The Story Of An Eyewitness Analysis

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In “The Story of an Eyewitness” Jack London is describing what happened after the San Francisco Earthquake. London uses vivid language to better explain what happened. The language he used in the story will help readers understand more what the damage from the Earthquake did. London uses first person, descriptive words, and talks about how much damage was actually done. One method way that London uses made in his story about the Earthquake to make the devastation more understandable was by writing it in first person. First person can be vivid language because it can better help the reader to understand what the author is saying. “At nine o’clock Wednesday evening I walked down through the very heart of the city. I walked through miles and miles of magnificent buildings and towering skyscrapers”(London par 12). This quote is one of the many sentences that London uses first person to describe what has happened in the city. It helps us understand what the Earthquake has done to San Francisco and allows us to sort of see the damage that has been done. “I stood at the corner of Kearny and Market, in the very innermost heart of San Francisco. Kearny Street was deserted. Half a dozen blocks away it was burning on both sides”(London par 13). This quote is another example of the way London uses first person for vivid language so readers can be more into the story and see London’s personal experiences after the Earthquake. Another way that London used vivid language in the story was by using descriptive words. He uses words like “towering skyscrapers”(London par 12), “dwelling-houses”(London par 2), “ reddening the sun, darkening the day, and filling the land with smoke”(London par 3) and many other words to describe more about what is happening. Descriptive words can help a reader to better see what has happened before, during, and after the Earthquake. Writers use certain words and certain ways of reading and writing to allow readers to visualize what is happening, in an easy way. London also uses descriptive time and days so readers don’t think everything is all happening at one time. “A minute later”(London par 4) and “On Wednesday morning at a quarter past five came the earthquake.”(London par 4) are both

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