Jack London 's Build A Fire

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Jack London’s To Build a Fire
To Build a Fireisa short story that is anchored on naturalist movement that was largely developed towards the end of the 19th century. Some of the pioneers of this movement include; Edith Wharton, Theodore Dreiser and Jack London. Themes encompasses under the movement are determinism instead of free will; absence of morality, catapulted with survival and indifference in the environment; instinct as opposed to intellectualism, and lower classes are depicted as equal characters. As such, the narrative is anchored on settings and character of the language used to gauge an individual.
“To Survive, You Need to Build a Fire”, the title of the story is a conflicting instinct between man and nature. London story brings out naturalism and indicates that if man does not collaborate with nature he will not survive. As such, survival benefits are only possible if man’s instinct does not seek to benefit him with his surroundings. In light of this, the preoccupation of an individual in search of gold will more likely result in a conflicting situation in a bid to survive. The question becomes, does human action result from brute instincts with the nature he seeks to achieve from? This is wisely answered through the intervention and counsel on how to perform actions in the nature for survival purpose such as the Moby Dick by Herman Melville’s. In the reference to Melville’s narrative on how to hunt a whale, the reader is equipped with skills on…
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