Jack London's Attitude Towards Life in the Short Story, The Law of Life

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Jack London's Attitude Towards Life in the Short Story, "The Law of Life"

Jack London, real name John Griffith Chaney, is well known "American novelist and short story writer, born in California" (Merriam Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature 629). London's short story "The Law of Life" was first published in Mc Clure's Magazine in 1901. "It was one of his first stories written around the time at which London had just discovered that this way of writing made the biggest impression on the reader."(Tenant 1) One of the most effective elements is that the main character of the story is an old Indian, named Koskoosh. He is left by his tribe and his relatives, with nothing but a fire and some wood to keep it burning for few hours. He was
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It is like a river, no one can stop its flow.

Second thing which may be called ?the law of life? is Darwin?s idea that in the world only the strongest may survive. These who are weak, old and are not able to take care of themselves must die and give place to the stronger living beings.

In the very first paragraph of this short story the narrator introduces Koskoosh?s granddaughter: ?Sit-cum-to-ha was his daughter?s daughter, but she was too busy to waste a thought upon her broken grandfather? (London 956). Young people often have no time to be with their old relatives. They do not think this is an interesting beguilement to spend time listening to an old man?s memories and advices. Sit-cum-to-ha also is busy with other things: ?life called her, and the duties of life, not death? (London 956). She must do her duties in order to survive.

Another example of Darwin?s theory may be ?Little Koo-tee?: ?a fretful child, and not over strong? (London 957). Even a child if he is not strong enough to survive has to die. ?It would die soon, perhaps, and they would burn a hole through the frozen tundra and pile rocks above to keep wolverines away.? (London 957) The circle of life of his little child probably is very small.

The last and the most important ?law of life? is that everybody sooner or later have to leave this world. Death is an end of any living creature in Nature. It is difficult, especially when personally
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