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Jack ma on teamwork Jack views teamwork as a sense of unity for common interests and responsibilities developed by individuals in an organization. Sometimes people ask why teamwork is so important whereas they can complete tasks well while working alone. Well, teamwork concentrates on the element of synergy where the sum is definitely greater compared to the parts. He further likens teamwork to sports where teams made up of expensive players are regularly outperformed by individually less talented teams. The results can be attributed to the synergistic value of teamwork combined with the role of team manager rather than the price tag of the individuals. Jack Ma always encourages his team to work collaboratively in implementing projects…show more content…
For instance, he demonstrates this in in common situations in his business organization where they often put themselves in a complex situation where they have to decide between competing interests as regarding the buyer and the seller, the seller competes, between entrepreneurship and legal aspects, between innovation and the need to stabilize. Mistakes done by Jack Ma in his Entrepreneurial Journey For over a decade now, Jack Ma and Alibaba are two names that have occupied Chinese online platforms and this does not seem to stop any time soon. They have received several praises from Chinese merchant especially on Taobao – a Chinese online shopping website. Unknown to many, Jack’s achievements didn’t come overnight. They were as a result of making several mistakes which made him better and better in readiness for the future. To begin with, the worst mistake he ever did was relocating the domestic headquarters from Hangzhou to Shanghai. As though this was not enough, he also moved his global base to Silicon Valley. Contrary to his expectations, it turned out that the environment was not right for the firm. The emergence of dot com era hit his United States headquarters while his Shanghai office came face to face with the reality of small manufacturing enterprises that were going global. The strategy caused friction with his most coveted priority, the customers. After getting adequate financial support from joint venture

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