Jack Steckel And Beth Zasloff

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Hold Fast to Dreams is a book written by Joshua Steckel and Beth Zasloff. It is a phenomenal book that interprets on the misgivings of colleges in the United States. The book highlights the challenges that individuals from the low strata of the society face while applying for College Admissions. Apparently, it is a common phenomenon for students from challenged backgrounds to be denied places in the high-end Universities. Ironically, it turns out that most students from such backgrounds tend to be more intelligent regardless of their lifestyles. It is a despicable scenario for an individual with the required grades to miss an opportunity just because he or she comes from a low-income family. This signals how rotten and gruesome the society has become to the extent of denying an individual a position earned through Meri and hard-work. The book was so moving and sentimental in explaining the challenges people go through in their quest for Education. Steckel’s teachings and experiences, directly, become fundamental to every School Counselor(s) for analyzing and synchronizing Psychological cases. Firstly, the book pinpoints on the high levels of inequality associated with our Education System. Markedly, the author was inspired by the experiences that a group of ten of his students faced as they progressed through the system. Paradoxically, a look at the American Education System depicts a system with many entry points that serves the interest of every child in a balanced way.

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