Jack Teagarden, Louis Armstrong, Troy Andrews

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If you do not have those things then it might be hard for you to become a great musician. To be a great musician you also have to have discipline. Having discipline is key to being a great musician. Many musicians just think they can hop in and become a great musician, but it actually takes a lot of hard work. There are many great musicians in the world but none like Jack Teagarden, Louis Armstrong, and Troy Andrews.

Jack Teagarden Jack Teagarden was an American jazz trombonist and singer (“Jack Teagarden” 1). Many people around the world have come and watched him perform. He was one of the earliest white bluesman (“Jack Teagarden” 1). He came from a jazz-playing family and was mainly self-taught (“Jack Teagarden” 1). He played in several jazz groups across America’s Southwest (“Jack Teagarden” 1). Teagarden was one of the great horn players of the 20th century (“Jack Teagarden” 1). Teagarden was a very good player even when he was a kid. He made many albums throughout his life (“Jack Teagarden” 1). Teagarden sometimes played with his brothers and sister. Many people have many of his albums. He recorded many records in the late 1920’s (“Jack Teagarden” 1). He had a very good life. He was very famous for what he did. He was born in 1905 and died in 1964 (“Jack Teagarden” 1). He will be remembered as a good person and a great…

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