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Jack The Ripper 1. From looking at the newspaper article on source A, I can determine the following information regarding the murder of Polly Nichols. Firstly, I can ascertain that it was the second of the Whitechapel murders. I can draw this conclusion from the first few words 'the two murders which have so startled London'. The second point we can learn from this article is that the killer had no apparent motive for the killings, supposedly because money wasn't missing from his victims; 'no adequate motive in the shape of plunder can be traced'. Also, the article tells us that the victims have been 'the poorest of the poor' Even though these pieces of information are product of the media,…show more content…
The precision and skill shown in the cuts suggest the killer had a good anatomical knowledge, however, source A states it had been the work of a 'demented being', which contradicts this theory, and the evidence in source C. Sources B and C agree with each other because they are both first hand primary evidence from reports on the Ripper's murders written by professionals. Source A's attempts to glamorise the murders bends the truth slightly, and doesn't support the evidence on Source C. Source C was written by a well-educated doctor with no need to sensationalise facts. 3. Sources D and E are quite useful in explaining how the Ripper was able to evade capture. Elizabeth Long's description of what may have been the Ripper, suggests he was well suited for hiding in the shadows of Whitechapel without being seen dues to his attire, e.g. 'he was dark complexioned and was wearing a deerstalker hat I think he was wearing a dark coat', however, the evidence given by Long may well have been a description of a totally different client, as Annie Chapman may have served as many as 10 men that night. Even if it was the Ripper, the evidence given was very vague and based on presumptions, with no positive or solid facts at all e.g. 'as far as I could tell'. Also the whole report by Long seems very unsure, with language like; 'as far as I could tell' and 'as well as

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